Blogging made easy, again.

Blogo is the easiest and fastest way to write, publish and manage multiple blogs.

Blogo is a Mac only application. OS X Mountain Lion or later is required.

Everything you need for blog writing on


(Coming soon for Tumblr and Blogger!)

Blog smarter. Blog faster. Blog better.

Multiple blogs management

Multiple blogs, one dashboard

One app to rule them all

If you manage multiple blogs at the same time, Blogo is the perfect tool for you. Select one of your blogs from the drop down list and start writing. Blogo is fully compatible with WordPress. Coming soon to Blogger and Tumblr.

Built-in image editor

Photoshop no more

With Blogo, you will never need to use Photoshop again. Drag and drop images to your post and use our powerful built-in image editor to crop, apply filters, adjust brightness and contrast, and change size.

Built-in image editor
Preview your posts

Real preview

What you see is what you post

Don't waste your time reformatting anymore. Blogo's real preview shows you exactly how your post will look before you publish it. Then, it's just one click from the real preview to go live with your published post.

Manage comments

Easily engage your audience

Receive, moderate and answer all comments from your blogs in one place. Take your blog engagement to the next level with Blogo's desktop notifications showing you all new activities in real time.

Manage comments
Offline mode

Offline mode

Always have your blog with you

No internet connection? Not a problem. Work from anywhere with Blogo's offline mode. Write all you want and publish when you get back online. It's the  perfect tool for travelers like you.

Evernote, everywhere

Convenient, universal access to your drafts

Keeping fresh ideas for a new post on Evernote? Our integration allows you to smart sync and publish them using Blogo. It's super easy. Read More

We love your browser

You can embed content directly from it.

Just select the desired content and send straight to Blogo.

Choose your favorite one

We’ve thought of everything

Full Screen

Maximizes work space and minimizes distractions.

Multiple Displays

Increase your productivity working with multiple windows.

Multi Core

Guarantees maximum performance from your system.


For published posts, new comments and interactions.

Be social (soon!)

Notify your friends each time you publish a new post.

Power Ups (soon!)

Coming soon! Pro features that we know you will love.

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