6 Killer Tactics to Improve Your Blog Readership and Grow Your Blog

This is a guest contribution from Vincent Hill.

If you are aiming for a better blog, you need to have a solid audience in a community which is in line with your contents. This great community can be built by getting active readership from your audience. If you are looking for ways to improve your blog’s state regarding readership, check out these tips and learn. You might want to use it to your advantage and get your blog to grow and improve.

1. Accumulate subscribers with the use of social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram — these are just a few of the social media sites which can be used as a platform for you to slowly build your reputation online and to appeal to the blogging community. You can get your blog a great readership once you have been very active on social media sites and have made your presence felt to the audience.

How to do that? Well, there’s no more efficient way to get your blog posts in front of eyeballs than a well-executed social media plan. If you are looking for a starting point, I would recommend you this article: 3 Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Pop”.

2. Form connections with other bloggers

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In blogging, CONNECTIONS are everything. Blogging is an online business and when you do business, you need to be backed up with good contacts, relationships, and healthy network with other people (bloggers) and influencers for you to succeed.

The quality of readership that your blog would have is greatly affected by the relationships you have built up with other bloggers. With the right connections, you’ll get a thriving audience, and everything will start falling into place.

You can use other people’s blogs as a way of connecting with them. You can try posting and comment as a guest, and send them e-mails and feedbacks about their posts. You can also introduce their blogs to your own, and let your readers know about their best posts.

3. Make “Guest Blogging” a weapon

This is undoubtedly the best way to quickly build a good reputation and brand for and around your blog. Guest blogging helps by bringing quality back links, makes your online presence felt, and gives more readerships for your blog.

Many blogs are welcome to guest writers, as we are. Every year we invite our readers to guest post on Blogo’s blog, and the results are fantastic for us (because we get exclusive well-written content) and for the writers too (they get the benefits of back link, credits at the end of the post). By the way, this is a guest post. I’m sure you didn’t expect that, right? :)

Make sure that you refrain from posting mediocre content, instead, write posts of high quality. People will usually follow your blog once they see that you’ve written great posts. Also, you can guest post on top blogs since they would always be able to help you in getting loyal readers, email leads, and sales increase.

4. Respond to everyone

Always make time to spend with your readers, no matter how hectic your schedule is. You can engage with them through blog comments, or by using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and respond to everyone’s emails.

Readers would usually express their problems, queries, comments, and suggestions by blog comments or emails, and when you respond immediately, that will make them loyal to your blog.

You can reply and manage all your blog’s comments from your iPhone or iPad if you use a blogging app like Blogo. Check it out:

5. Share more than once and post with recurrence

Most of the business blogs do the wrong move of sharing once and forgetting about it completely. That is one reason why readers won’t stay at all. Not everyone will be able to see your contents on the only time you’ve posted through your social media channels, and if you would put it to a halt, your readers will soon forget about your blog.

The best way to deal with this is to share blog posts a lot of times. You can share using Facebook and Google+, and tweet your contents. After a day or two, you can share it again, so on and so forth.

6. Contents are of great quality

Nothing beats a blog that’s high in quality, and that is one step you should work hard on starting with. If your contents are great, that is already one factor of getting your fair share of the audience. The rest of the steps above can just be followed and things will flow smoothly.

Who wouldn’t want to read great posts, right? Your readers are searching for something nice to read and learn from, and perhaps get their interest quipped. Do your best in creating your posts and contents and you’re good to go.

Extra tip: How to increase content sharing is one of our most visited posts and it can help you improve how shareable your content is.

These are just a few ways to improve your blog’s readership. There are a lot more that you can try, but nothing beats producing high-quality and interesting contents.

Taking care of your blog requires time, and with the help of some tips, you can definitely improve your blog’s seemingly hopeless state and gather more audience in the future. If you are still in the planning phase, you can use these tips once you start a blog and you will have a long way to go.

Vincent Hill is an expert writer who writes on different categories like how to start a blog, content writing, blog design and many more. His writing are not only descriptive but also meaningful. He love to share his ideas on different categories.

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