Blogo Stories #2: Meet Jen and Ted!

I’m really excited about today’s Blogo Stories. Not only because I had a great time interviewing two amazing people, but also because I’ve been a nomad myself since I was born. But let’s leave my story for some other time!

Today is about Jen and Ted, the Thrifty Nomads. If you’re like me and
love to travel and explore new adventures, you will absolutely LOVE their story.

Meet the Thrifty Nomads

Jen and Ted have been together since high school. They’re both in their 20s and, despite being young, these two have explored a lot of different countries across the globe.

Ted and Jen, founders of Thrifty Nomads blog.

The couple started a blog during their first trip, so they could keep their family up to date about their journeys. After coming back home they realized that traveling was really the kind of lifestyle they wanted. And their blog needed to adapt, too. They renamed it Thrifty Nomads and changed its focus to sharing tips and advice on traveling.

“We realized we’d accumulated a wealth of practical tips that could help other aspiring wanderlusters. As we were once mere travel daydreamers ourselves, there’s nothing we could be more passionate about than helping others pursue those dreams, too.” — Jen

You’re probably thinking they come from a wealthy family, which would make a lifestyle of regular traveling completely doable. Many people dream of having a life full of adventures, exploring different countries and cultures, but you still gotta be able to afford it, right?

Well, I have to say, this is not their reality. They both come from single, low-income families and gave up all they had, selling all their belongings to live a new kind of life. Ted told me they try to find the balance between living with a low budget and not sacrificing the quality of their experiences… or their comfort.

“How can they afford this?” you must be wondering.

Ted is a Web programmer (which allows him to work from anywhere) and Jen is a nurse. She does research in the field and also works as a writer.

One of the most challenging things about being a blogger and traveling all the time is the work and play balance, according to Jen. With so many sights to see and new places to explore, blogging starts feeling more like a chore and less like a creative outlet. And that requires a lot of discipline from both of them!

So what’s their secret to keeping up the good work?

Deadlines. Jen needs to post three times per week, plus write a weekly newsletter. Also, they have a flexible schedule that helps them a lot. Jen and Ted usually work in the mornings or evenings before or after sightseeing.

As far as the workflow for creating content, Jen says it begins with replying to e-mails, blog comments, drafting articles, researching, selecting pictures (they have amazing ones!!) and editing over and over again!

That’s Jen probably writing something cool to their blog in Australia ;)

The interesting thing is that even though Jen has a big passion about sharing their experience, she’s not connected 24/7 or obsessed with sharing every single moment of the trip. “What will I see and be inspired if I’m connected 24/7?” she says.

Things they can’t live without in their blogging life…

Jen and Ted shared with me a few tools that are crucial to helping them with their awesome work with Thrifty Nomads. Jen says the “Focus” app is super-helpful in keeping her away from distractions like Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Also, “Clocks” does a great job displaying different time zones, since they publish based on North American time zones.

And… Blogo! They’re heavy users of Blogo and consider it the ideal app for blogging in mixed environments. Jen says she loves the offline mode, because many times she’s writing from a place with limited access to the Internet or no access at all. Ted says he likes the UI and how Blogo facilitates his content-producing workflow.

And both of them are looking forward to a mobile version of Blogo, which makes complete sense for their lifestyle. (Don’t worry, guys, we’re working on it!)

As for the future, Thrifty Nomads will be getting a makeover next month.They’ll also be releasing videos soon to inspire and share travel tips. If the videos are as good as the pictures they take, I can guarantee they will be a great source of inspiration.

Enough said. I’ve asked Jen to share some of her favorite pictures of them during this awesome world journey. They’re breathtaking.

This was in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

And this one was at the Perino Moreno Glacier, Argentina.

Well, that’s it for today, and I hope you all like it. I had a great time getting to know these two better! Now, how about going to Thrifty Nomads to check out more about the awesome work they’re doing?

And if you want to be on our next Stories, shoot me an email to and let’s talk!

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