Blogo will change, let’s talk about it.

The first chapter of our story began 18 months ago. Filled with excitement and anticipation, we hit the green button and released the first version of Blogo 2 on the Mac App Store. A tool we hoped would make it easier and faster for writers and content creators to write, publish and manage multiple blogs.

We’ve been learning what that means ever since!

Since day one we believed that everyone has a unique, inspiring story to tell. Millions of us have already found our spark, our motivation to share inspiring stories with the world.

We are a part of that growing community.

We write because we have a point of view. Because our opinion matters. And because our story has the power to impact a crowd. Through our stories, we have the power to make a difference.

But creators represent just 1% of the web. All the writers, bloggers, vloggers and storytellers make up such a small minority. We started to ask ourselves, what about the other 99%? Why don’t they write?

We believe it’s because they haven’t reaped the rewards. They haven’t felt the excitement or experienced the benefits of sharing their story. And they can never understand the power of spreading their word, until they hit publish.

So we embarked on a mission to help. Because we strongly believe that people sharing their stories with the world can start a transformation.

To make that mission happen, we needed to look ahead and make an important decision

With the release of Blogo iOS and a new update for Blogo Mac, we will be making one of the biggest changes to our business model since we started.

As you may know (read it here) we have been hard at work on releasing Blogo iOS. We know inspiration can strike anywhere and at any time. And with Blogo iOS, we want to give you the tools to take action when it happens.

Blogo iOS is a powerful, universal app that will combine the perfect set of features that you need to write, publish and manage your blogs. We care deeply about details, and we know writers do too. Details matter when you’re writing and publishing. So we individually designed each screen dimension, to make sure everything was perfect for each device.

Blogo for Mac will also be getting a new update. Images will be beautifully previewed inside the editor, and the taxonomies and post options panels have both been transformed. We will also be adding a few new features, including Markdown.

Blogo for Mac, and Blogo iOS work in complete harmony. You’re able to easily sync your work between devices, work offline, share and embed content using share extensions, preview posts, manage posts, and much more.

This is a huge step on our journey to making it easier to tell your story, but it is not the biggest change we are making.

We are super excited to announce that our business model is changing…to freemium.

Yes, you heard it right.

We’ll be offering Blogo completely free, and will charge a pro subscription for access to advanced features. Pro features include multiple blog management, Evernote integration, comment management, custom fields and social mirrors.

Why are we doing this?

As an early startup, we faced many difficulties and bumped into a lot of challenges in these past 18 months. We’ve failed and got back up. We’ve learned from our failures, improved on them, failed again, and learned from those failures. We are constantly learning and improving, and always focusing on the bigger picture. The dream.

Paymium didn’t work for us, for one simple reason: Piracy.

More than 60,000 people downloaded Blogo illegally from torrent sites. In the last 18 months alone, we’ve shut down more than 2,000 torrent links. But for every new update on the Mac App Store, hundreds of new torrent links appeared on the web.

We tried to fight. But we found we were spending more time asking Google to remove those links than focusing on developing Blogo.
It just didn’t make sense.

We want to impact the world in a positive way. And to achieve that we’ve invested our money, time and our lives. We’ll do everything we can to make Blogo successful, and help people tell their stories, because that’s our dream.

Instead of fighting pirates, we started to think from their perspective. And it suddenly dawned on us. Here were people, wanting to use our software to tell their stories, but having to use out of date, often modified software.

These were some of the people we dreamed of helping, but our price stopped us from helping them!

So instead of downloading an old, unofficial, and often modified version of our app, they should have free access to it.

By offering a free model, we hope more people will use Blogo and spread the stories. More people, more stories, more sharing, more knowledge.

That inspired us to go further. It’s the right thing to do.

What does that change to you?

If you purchased Blogo before the iOS launch, you will get 3 years of our Pro plan for free. For both Blogo Mac and iOS.

You believed in our mission since the beginning, and because of your support, we’re still here. Every time you publish a post using Blogo, we feel honored to be part of your story.

These past months, we’ve sent 20 updates to the Mac App Store, each enhancing the Blogo experience. We’ve released Blogger and Medium integration, a new editor, and many other awesome features. We’ve offered support via several channels including e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Slack.

And we will keep doing all of that for the next 36 months, at no cost at all. Because we believe that’s the best way to show our early users how honored we are for their investment in our product and team.

How much will the Pro plan cost?

At launch, the pro plan will cost $9.90 monthly or $69.90 annually.
We are still developing our pricing structure, so prices may fluctuate as we bring more pro features, and understand our price point.

Why should I pay for it?

With Blogo Pro you’ll be able to manage multiple blogs, syndicate your content through different platforms (Medium, WordPress, Blogger) and get the most out of powerful features like Custom Fields and Comment moderation. You will get all the tools you need to power up your workflow. We’re working on real-time insights, analytics, social sharing, and a lot more! Basically everything you need to run your blog like a pro without any complication. We truly believe that by giving you all these tools you will be able to get a better feeling about your audience and focus on writing unique and relevant stories. And we can’t wait to see these stories being published and shared across the internet.

When will this happen?

There’s no better time to make all these changes than once our iOS version is released. Our plan is to release it in the next month and we are working real hard with our beta community to release an amazing app. If you want to help us build it, here’s the link to apply for our beta.

We want to make that as transparent as possible

We value our community, and over the years we’ve learned that transparency is the key to sustaining a healthy relationship with our community members.

We realize this is a double edged sword, and some users might not feel these changes are right for Blogo. We would love to hear from you, to understand your perspective. The only way we can keep making Blogo great is through your feedback. We value the opinions of our community, and strive to make giving feedback as smooth as possible.

Let’s make history together

We are super excited for to be making these huge changes. We are dreaming bigger than ever and the future looks amazing for us and our community.

This is a huge change in Blogo’s path, and we are very confident that this next step in our history will make us even better at helping you tell your stories. We know we’ll have tons of challenges, and we are more ready than ever to face them with the support of our incredible community.

Thank you so much for all your support, respect, love and trust. Now, let’s get back to work, because we need to write a new story.

The next chapter of Blogo history begins today. Thank you for being a part of it.

Keep writing.

Blogo Team
Amure, Ivan, Renan, Gisele, Haruan, Henrique, Paulo, Cacá.


Check out and Twitter for more details about dates, releases, and news!

About Gisele Goés

My mission is to make Blogo users happy everyday. I'm a content producer focused on engagement and results. I'm also a world traveler and wannabe photographer. Let's connect! :)

  • rodneygarcia

    It was mentioned in the blog that “If you purchased Blogo before the iOS launch, you will get 3 years of our Pro plan for free. For both Blogo Mac and iOS.”

    I’m kinda confused. Which one do we purchase before the iOS launch? Is it the iOS version or the Mac version?

    I’m really interested to get the 3 year Pro plan for free. Hope for a response soon. Thanks.

    • John A

      Rodney as it says “if you have purchased Blogo before the iOS release” so that would be the OS X Version as iOS version is still in beta :)

  • timstahmer

    I paid $30 for Blogo last year and felt that was a fair price for the software. I’ll wait to see the “pro” plan offers but, at first blush, $70 a year is not a fair price. And that’s not because I object to paying for major upgrades to my essential tools. I did that regularly back in the day when software came in boxes (old school :-).

    I appreciate the transparency and will continue using the program during the 3 free years of the pro plan. But I’ll also be considering a return to Desk or MarsEdit, or finding a new blogging workflow altogether.

    • Hey, Tim! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about that. I understand your point. We’re working hard to make the PRO version worth the investment. I’m confident that during these next 3 years you will get a better feeling of the reason why we came up with this pricing. I appreciate once again your feedback and feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have questions :)


      • I have the same feelings as Tim has.

        And I don’t know how to apply for the 3 years PRO also :P (I purchased Blogo back in 05 November 2014 from the App Store)

  • Juan Bernabó

    Freemium is a nice move for Blogo… but don’t forget about the intercom way of creating products, segmenting by job to be done instead of having a monolitic value proposition and pricing scheme.

    • I do believe one price doesnt fit’s at all. But for b2c customers, having tons of options doesnt work very well. But I agree about trying to think it “by job done”. It’s a very good and human approach.

  • Jeremy

    The only feature that has kept me from transitioning to a Blogo for my writing is the ability to embed third party hosted images (not uploaded to the blog). I tried the trial but this is essential for me as none of my images are hosted on the blog sites. Hope this is going to be available soon.

    • Jeremy, embeds should work without problems. How are you trying to embed those images? Maybe we can find a quick shortcut. :)

      • Jeremy

        Just downloaded the trial again to give it a try and can’t find the embed image option from an image URL. My photos are all hosted on SmugMug and I’ve always just included them in my posts via the image URL. Am I missing something really obvious?

        • Jeremy, did you tried to use the embed code? Can you send us the link so we can check it here?

    • Jeremy, we offer support to a big number of services including Flickr, 500px, Instagram, etc. You can embed all kinds of content into your blog post with just one click. I’d love to help you get all set up with that! :) / Gisele

      • Jeremy

        I’ll have to give it another try now that the feature is there. I’d been keeping up with the Twitter account about when the feature would be added. If we can now post images from other locations (SmugMug for me) then I’m set. I’ll give it another try here soon. Thanks!

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