Stop waiting for permission to tell your story

I fear hitting the publish button, every single time. Perhaps it’s fear of failure, or that my story and opinions just aren’t that interesting to other people. Or maybe it’s fear of credibility, as my imposter syndrome digs in. After all, who gave me permission to write? Often, it doesn’t even matter what I’m writing […]


Blogo Stories #2: Meet Jen and Ted!

I’m really excited about today’s Blogo Stories. Not only because I had a great time interviewing two amazing people, but also because I’ve been a nomad myself since I was born. But let’s leave my story for some other time!


Blogo Stories #1: Meet Michael!

I am so happy to finally share this project we’ve been working on with you. We call it Stories.  Stories is where we will share cool facts and news about bloggers that are part of our amazing community! There are so many Blogo users with great blogs who are doing such great work and we want to help them […]