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4 more free ways to kickstart your writing process

When you’re writing, sometimes you can have the greatest story to tell, and still struggle to get started on it. It’s natural. At least I hope it is! Most weeks I’ll find myself struggling to get moving on a new post, eagerly poised to write, but needing something to kickstart the process. And it’s those moments […]


Stop waiting for permission to tell your story

I fear hitting the publish button, every single time. Perhaps it’s fear of failure, or that my story and opinions just aren’t that interesting to other people. Or maybe it’s fear of credibility, as my imposter syndrome digs in. After all, who gave me permission to write? Often, it doesn’t even matter what I’m writing […]


3 examples of why every story matters, including yours

Stories change the world. For thousands of years, ordinary people have used stories to communicate ideas. They convey meaning, facts, and fictions. They have inspired movements, raised armies, and influenced change across the globe. Stories influence change on a personal level, and on a global scale. And without ordinary people sharing their stories, we would […]


Why your word count is limiting your content

Writing to a word count imposes a misguided limitation that can hinder creativity and scope. Traditionally as writers and journalists we have been guided by word counts. But it feels like we’re holding on to a remnant of the print industry, used to ensure the most effective use of available space. It bothers me – […]