New year, new everything.

Besides all the stigma of a complicated year, 2016 was an awesome one for Blogo. We launched 41 updates in total (23 MacOS e 18 iOS), corrected 186 bugs and implemented some amazing features. We were featured by Apple when launching the iPhone and iPad versions – our biggest move as a product – and were highlighted again in the App Store when we introduced Media Search, one of our killer features. To top it off, we were able to be amongst the esteemed “Best of 2016” by Apple, which is great reason for pride for all of us.

If this makes us believe we’re on the right track? Of course. But, if you ask if this means we don’t need change, we’ll have to disagree. We always go through all the feedback very carefully, and we realized the need to shake things up a bit so Blogo can finish its maturing process – not only to be the product we believe it can, but most importantly so that we can reach and help even more people in producing and publishing their content without any friction.

Amongst the most distinguished changes:

News regarding the crew: Leaving an amazing legacy (seriously guys, we couldn’t have done it without you!) and a solid product, are Amure Pinho and Renan Protector, spreading their wings and heading on to a new project (which we will tell you about as soon as they let us!).
I will continue as Product Designer, but now a little more engaged in all other processes and with a more general control of the product itself. And the great Paulo Cesar – which was already Renan’s right arm – will take over as lead developer, making a ninja partnership with the Front-end wizard Hirako.

A great new acquisition is Marina Russo, our Community Manager and straightest line between us and you, users. She will keep you informed of all news, and will help us straighten our bond with the community.

Affordable prices: With a leaner crew and a slower-paced rhythm we can finally change something we’ve always discussed: pricing. We believe that with our new subscribing policy – commitment-free Premium trial beginning automatically and a much more inviting price of only $3 a month or a discount US$24 a year – we can approach the people who are starting to produce their content now much more easily and show them how effortless publishing can be when using all the tools Blogo can offer.

A little more romance: We believe that, as a product, Blogo has reached a rock solid level, but we’re fully aware that there is much to evolve stability-wise. Our initial focus as we prepare the new version (you’ll be hearing about this soon enough) is to tie up all loose ends and solve all bugs that slipped through in the current version. We count on you to help us in this process.

The future and a more transparent roadmap: There’s a lot of cool stuff planned for Blogo in the next months, and past this new structure adaptation period we will make our roadmap public. It will help us show how the subscribing model – with all new values – justifies itself, and show more clearly when and where we’re going.

We’re very excited for all there is to come and can’t wait to tell you everything!

PS: We’d like to apologize to all our users who tried to contact us through social media, slack or even e-mail recently for our delay/lack of response. Things were a little left behind with all we’ve been working on, but we’re here to turn all that around as fast as we can.

About Ivan Neto

Multidisciplinary designer, pioneer on Design Cross Media & iOS / OS X products creation in Brazil. I'm the creator of Blogo and had my work featured by Apple, Mashable, MacBreak Weekly, Macworld, etc.

  • Onward & godspeed.

  • I’m excited to see the next steps for Blogo! Congratulations guys, I wish you an amazing 2017 for Blogo!

  • AbelardoLG

    I have just downloaded (for MAC) but I’m afraid I will find another blog app since this one doesn’t work for me.
    I wrote an article for Blogger but… this app bad formatted my article (it was inserted with bad break lines) and didn’t worked fine for me.

    The text was bad formatted as well as the titles of the section.

    I think this app has to be improved as well as it isn’t ready to be used by professional blogs. Beta version? I am sure.