Obrigada Blogo Users!

We had such a fun week in San Francisco!!!

It was amazing being able to meet so many Blogo users and pick up their brains to see what can be improved. Also, the Evernote Conference was epic!

The Evernote Platform Awards!

Blogo got Silver on the Evernote Platform Awards as Best New Startup of 2014. And we’ve only came this far because of you. So we would like to thank you for voting, tweeting and supporting. We’ve got so much love from you all, it was INCREDIBLE!


What’s next…

Now we’re back to Brazil. And after getting all that love and motivation from our users it’s time to focus even more on improving Blogo and creating the best blogging experience ever. So stick with us, there are some great things ahead! We’re so much better together <3

Please keep sending feedback and sharing your ideas with us. We’re proud to have such an engaged community.

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